Our commitment to safety

Safety is our number one priority. While mountain travel retains inherent risks such as weather, altitude and other natural occurrences beyond our control. Mountain Gurus professional guide staff strives to minimize risks by using proper route planning, camp selection and acclimatization practices. We make every effort to provide our clients with the finest instruction and leadership. Whether participating on one of our mountaineering expeditions, international treks or Northwest summit climbs our guides draw from a wealth of knowledge, experience and training. They are trained to uphold health standards throughout food preparation, skilled for backcountry medical emergencies, trained in avalanche safety, educated in altitude awareness and versed in cultural considerations.

Our commitment to our clients

Mountain Gurus strives to give each one of our clients the personal attention they desire and make their overall travel experience enjoyable. Not only do we enjoy helping each individual achieve their personal goals but we take pride in assisting them in logistics before and after the journey. Our experienced staff will help answer all your questions relating to equipment, training, travel and overall expectations. Mountain Gurus believes in honorable and fair business practices. Our polices are designed not only to protect our business but also protect our customers who make a commitment to our trips. Many of our clients are repeat customers, they travel year after year with us, we develop friendships as the mountains bring us together through shared experiences. Our goal is to develop a community of climbers seeking adventure and achieving goals together in an outdoor environment.

Our commitment to the environment

Mountain Gurus is highly committed in minimizing the environmental impact of our travel. As we return year after year to these remarkable wilderness areas, it’s our aspiration that you enjoy a pristine mountain experience. We consider ourselves stewards of these fragile environments which also serve as home for many of our guides. Our policies adhere strictly to the “Leave No Trace” principles. We look to serve as role-models and respectively encourage awareness of these standards to other groups and native peoples we encounter along the journey. At places like Everest Base Camp, all our waste is barreled and disposed of properly. We firmly believe environmental stewardship is the only way to achieve a sustainable planet, not only at home but abroad.

Our commitment to local peoples

As we travel and guide around the world, Mountain Gurus employ’s as well as encounters many indigenous peoples. We consider ourselves guests of the regions we travel and do our best to respect the local traditions and customs of their people. We only partner with the highest quality local outfitters who share our commitment to safety, our clients, the environment and fair working standards for our staff. Many of the mountain guides we hire are native to these areas. We seek to hire IFMGA trained mountain guides in member countries such as Nepal, Peru, Bolivia and Ecuador. Mountain Gurus is also devoted to promoting fair porter guidelines to ensure adequate porter treatment. We are a partner agent with the Kilimanjaro Porters Assistance Project (KPAP) in Tanzania. Our goal is to educate travelers on how to be more socially responsible and provide resources to equip porters with adequate education, clothing and shelter. We also support and encourage helping indigenous peoples in regards to these needs. When deciding among mountain guide services, we ask you to consider these factors. In 2015, following the devastating Gorkha earthquake in Nepal, our founder started a non-profit organization called The Himalayan Outreach Project (THOP) to assist Nepalese indigenous mountain people recover from this tragedy. In addition to rebuilding efforts we are helping children return to school through small scholarships. Please contact Mountain Gurus for more information on ways you can help. Or simply visit Nepal, your tourist dollars will go along way to helping revive the economy.